Uncategorized June 22, 2022

Don’t Run Out of Money in Retirement

The phrase “house rich, cash poor” has new significance with a Bear Market, gas and food inflation and recession fears. These can quickly lead to declining wealth, cashflow & income, constraining a comfortable lifestyle. A couple of long time Biltmore homeowners have sold homes prematurely because they ran out of liquidity. Modest retirement planning did not help. Sadly, these homeowners were not aware of strategies that would allow the “house rich” part of their asset picture to solve the “cash poor” part of their story.

Real estate advisor and Realtor, Andrew Waite, Coldwell Banker Realty wants to help “Rescue Your Retirement”TM and avoid this frequent dilemma. “Homeowners have more options to assure a comfortable lifestyle than they typically know,” says Waite. “Let’s talk and share these options.”

Waite has assembled experts in FHA regulated home equity conversions (Mutual of Omaha Reverse Mortgage,) home equity loans (Guaranteed Rate,) down/rightsizing lifestyles, and wealth management and tax efficiency experts (Pacific Advisors.). They will show guests how “captive assets” can be used to reduce financial stress, keep their homes and improve lifestyle.

He is inviting wise homeowners to enjoy a FREE dinner on August 2nd 2022 to hear these experts and how they can help you.  Call Andrew at 602-317-0700 or email andrew.waite@nexzuspub.com